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A shelter dog has found a new mission in life as a drug-sniffing police K-9 — a transformation that took place just months after the pup was rescued from the streets of Fort Worth, Texas."If you
These Broadway songs were made for karaoke. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the best show tunes for you to sing on your next musical night out!
A Kensington native is putting his best foot forward by providing those in need in his community with free haircuts. For the past nine years, Joshua Santiago has been uplifting the community in his
Let's pawty, San Antonio! The 2024 El Rey Fido pup was crowned Saturday morning, April 20, at the El Rey Fido coronation at Hops & Hounds.  As Fiesta San Antonio continues to take over the Alamo City
Whether you live in the hot southern states or on the sunny coast these are the cats that will do best in the heat.
The Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, also known as "the Oscars of Science," is an award show unlike any other. Founded and funded by Silicon Valley titan Yuri Milner and his artist wife Julia Milner,
DALLAS — There's just something magical about handing a kid a teddy bear that's just for them.Now, these kids are even able to hug a life-sized bear.  Seeing the smiles can melt even the iciest of
Increase your closet or suitcase space in minutes.
This is only one of many animal encounters that the 3-year-old has experienced, thanks to her family's work at the Australia ZooBindi Irwin's daughter had a wild encounter with a feathery friend!On
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department will welcome 39 cadets into the program Friday after completing the traditional Chief’s Run on Wednesday. According to APD, 10 of the cadets were women.
BOSTON - A nonsurgical weight loss procedure may be more effective and less expensive than weight loss drugs like Ozempic.This is a much less invasive procedure than gastric sleeve surgery. It's
Happy release day! The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album, is being released today to hoards of very eager Swifties. Swifties, fans of Taylor Swift, are everywhere right now.
Science and health correspondent Lindsay Thesis in San Francisco with more on this. Lindsay, you spoke to one of the first patients to get this treatment. What more can you tell us? I spoke to them,
The failed drug-sniffing pup, Roger, recovered the body of the tremor’s 13th victimA Labrador retriever in Taiwan flunked out of police academy for being too playful. Now, he aids with search and
The nonprofit Metro Food Rescue is looking for volunteers to help collect food for social service agencies as part of the NFL draft in Detroit. Metro Food Rescue will pick up prepared
A group of heroic bystanders have been praised for saving a driver's life after their car crashed and burst into flames earlier this week. Brave members of the public rushed to help a man who was
Royal Caribbean's new world's largest cruise ship has a long list of amenities. I've yet to see most of my favorite ones on any other vessel.
For the viewer moved by dramatic tales of journalism and truth-seeking, captivated by the atrocities of war, or gripped by flawless execution of every technical aspect, Civil War is a must-see.
The songs a bird sings while dreaming have been revealed for the first time. Researchers at the University of Buenos Aires created a way to track the vocal muscle activity of birds as they sleep, and

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