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You might agonise over what to pack for your summer holiday, but your passport is the number one item you absolutely cannot forget… right? Well, not necessarily. Two airports in Italy are
SALEM - Twenty-two specialty breed dogs have arrived in Massachusetts and will be going up for adoption soon, the MSPCA says.The organization says the dogs flown in from Missouri on Saturday had been
Here are 32 actors who have also proven themselves as talented screenwriters, with some even having won Oscars for their scripts.
Friends and loved ones were rallying to support an Egg Harbor Township teen who was critically injured by a tow truck after falling off her bicycle.A GoFundMe page
Scientists have made a breakthrough in our understanding of the neuroscience behind autism spectrum disorders that promises to "revolutionize" the way we approach treatment, scientists say. The
Trailers can often mislead viewers by not accurately representing the tone or genre of a movie. Some trailers give away too much information
Lisa Fitzgerald was two weeks shy of her birthday and commuting to New York when she lost her leg after being struck by train in Morristown on Saturday, May 4
There are rumors that American Idol judge Katy Perry might be leaving the reality singing competition series, but there are many reasons why the show needs her. Katy got her start as an American Idol
The two Peregrine Falcon chicks who hatched at Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning were banded Tuesday morning. The process of banding involves placing a small lightweight band marked with an identifying
This is one in a weekly update on the top 10 Pittsburgh Pirates prospects. By now, everyone has seen or heard about Paul Skenes’ shutdown start against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, but there was plenty
They could be the key to preventing deadly overdoses. Possibly test strips as cheap as 5 bucks that promised to detect the powerful painkiller fentanyl. But experts tell us choose Dave McDaniel.
Popular dog Kabosu, the face of dogecoin and several other meme tokens, died early Friday, his owner wrote in a blog post. He was over 17 years old.“We will be holding a farewell party for Kabo-chan
Here are 25 NBA Players Who Are Playoff Legends.
The active compound in the best-selling drug Ozempic markedly lowers the risk of complications from chronic kidney disease, according to a multiyear study published Friday — a finding that could
Visitors and residents at the Jersey Shore have known it for generations -- Lucy the Elephant is the best. While, now everyone around the country knows that the Margate, New Jersey, attraction
Backstage compiled a list of movies and TV shows casting in Michigan.
When ‘Her’ was released in 2013, it depicted a vision of the future where it could be possible to have a relationship with a machine. Eleven years on, the film in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character
TSA announced they are now using new credential authentication technology at the Fredrick Douglas Greater Rochester International Airport. The new credential authentication
Internet users have been reduced to tears by the loving friendship between a stray cat and a kitten that was rescued from the euthanasia list.Life hasn't been too easy for Mittens, the rescue cat,
What better way to celebrate National Wine Day 2024 by crashing on the sofa, kicking off your shoes and cracking open your favourite bottle of red (or maybe white or rosé)?The chances are most of us

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