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They call it pop culture. But it hasn't been too kind to pop. Films, plays, sitcoms, TV commercials invariably make dad out to be a dope — feckless, clueless, often brainless. "But we
California's earthquake early-warning system is getting a seismic upgrade, one that will allow residents to receive more timely alerts about shaking from an incoming megaquake.The upgrade, also
Obscured by the darkness, a “giant” scaly creature lumbered along a dry riverbed in Senegal. A nearby trail camera snapped a picture — and photographed an animal once feared locally extinct. The
The music of the streets. Rap is a part of urban culture. Here are 25 pioneers of rap music.
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A fairly newly discovered species of fish has washed ashore on the Oregon Coast — and it could be the largest specimen sampled to date. The fish measuring at 7 feet and 3
A veterinarian's hilarious attempt to make a dog fearful of males more comfortable has quickly accumulated over 11 million views on TikTok, bringing viewers to tears.A fear of men in dogs is a common
Spritz, spritz, chill.
"We are delighted to be recognized for our sustainable packaging solution." Company develops innovative paper-based alternative to traditional coffee packaging: 'Overhauling the coffee aisle' first appeared on The Cool Down.
Jayson has gigantism, a 'condition where there is a growth on his pituitary gland'At 10 years old, he towers over most adult men at six-foot-three-inchesBut his large size leads to looks from
Taylor Swift has continued to donate to food banks as she continues her mammoth world tour.
There's no crying in baseball, supposedly, but tears could well be shed over the exact order of our list compiling the 10 best movies celebrating the most cinematic of all athletic pursuits. While
If you've seen a drone buzzing over your property lately, it could be operated by your insurance company, who may be checking out your property.
A pair of heroic passersby rescued a drowning father and his two young sons after their kayak overturned while sailing in a Utah river, officials said. Gaar Lausman and Daniel Wright, both from
Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.1. A square-neck balloon-sleeve dress you can actually wear two ways — with the sleeves off or on the shoulder, giving you a
A sweet French Bulldog knows how important sleep is and he isn't afraid to show it all over his face when he's been woken up too early.On June 4, 2024, TikTok user Walter Geoffrey (@waltergeoffrey)
Satellite images show the largest methane emitters in California are landfills... far more than the oil and gas sector or dairy farms. But the solution to landfills' greenhouse emissions problem
Robert Downey Jr. could return as Iron Man in upcoming MCU projects, such as Deadpool & Wolverine, hinging on the multiverse, A.I., time travel, and more.
A festive ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Redondo Beach for the grand opening of Mychal's Café."It's my dream to be full-time," said employee Caelyn Griffith.Mychal's Café is redefining the
A new study has potentially promising news for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, with participants who ate the largest quantities of plant-based foods showing a reduced risk of the disease's
Kai's story begins with abandonment, but hopefully it ends with a forever home. The 3-year-old cat was left behind in May when her family moved out of their Palm Beach County house. A

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