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That buffalo chicken wrap is calling.If there were a word to capture the general vibe of the fast food landscape right now, it might be “scrambling.” In the face of inflation and rising food costs,
A “wrinkly” dog with “sad infected eyes” kept returning to a shelter — then his luck changed. Arlow got a fresh start at All Hound Rescue of Florida, which helped him get a much-needed eye surgery.
The Atlanta Falcons, established in 1965, have had their share of ups and downs throughout their long history, but they’ve also had some remarkable players who left an indelible mark on the franchise
Pfizer plans to move a reworked, once-a-day version of its weight-loss pill danuglipron into clinical trials later this year, the company said on Thursday, after scrapping a twice-daily version of
Boulder and Broomfield counties are reporting higher rates of domestic violence than the rest of Colorado and the United States, according to SPAN (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence)
The rivalry between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Queen Elizabeth I has been depicted in films for over a century. Mary
On Sunday, the Blanchet House attempted to set a record for most people eating meatballs at once in Portland.The event dubbed, “Goodness Gracious Great Meatballs of Pride!” was a fundraising event
A spotted hyena spins for joy in a bubble bath behind the scenes at the Denver Zoo before being joined by two others, a video shows. “Ngozi, Kelele and Tavi always enjoy a cool bubble bath or
Vacations out of town can be costly. You need to book hotels and flights, pack all your luggage, find someone to watch the kids (or take them with you) and about a thousand other things. That’s why
A fundraiser for a Fairfield County high school student who was found dead in a wooded area has reached its goal to pay for funeral expenses.Related: ID Released
In a heartwarming reel that has been melting the hearts of internet viewers, two cats are seen engaging in "sleepy convos" as they doze off together.The video, shared on Instagram in June, by user
Claes Dohlman, an ophthalmologist whose research into diseased and damaged eyes led to the development of an artificial cornea that restored vision to thousands of patients considered unsuitable
On the colorful coral reefs in the South China Sea, countless fish, crustaceans and marine creatures swim in and out of the delicate structures. With so many animals calling the reef home, it could
Flowers are our way of expressing thanks, love, congratulations, condolences. Flower farmers across Michigan offer a variety of blooms. Farms offer many ways to buy flowers — from selling
Darius Robinson has handed out his fair share of sacks on Saturdays. But even through his four years as a frequent disruptor on the Mizzou defensive line, that number pales
Following all her tireless work, this guide dog certainly deserved a birthday surprise to remember; and that's precisely what she got when she saw the enormous octopus toy just for her.Bobbie Notcutt
From soft joggers to matching sets.Whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, working on a crafts project, or hanging out with friends, a high-quality loungewear look is always a good choice. And at
Diabetes isn't curable because of the cells that produce insulin, the hormone key to helping the body break down blood sugar. These are the beta cells in the pancreas that either can't make
In honor of Shark Week, a Colorado zoo is showing how it performed an ultrasound and CT scan on one of its residents. Moon, an epaulette shark at the Denver Zoo’s Stingray Cove, was seen biting his
Although most people don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime primarily as a streaming service, one of the great perks of having Prime is the chance to check out everything on Prime Video. Amazon is creating

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