An internationally respected former banker gets top economy job, powerful intelligence chief is named foreign minister.
Analysts suggest the Sudanese army pulled out of ceasefire talks to launch a major offensive to retake the capital.
At least 288 people have been killed after three trains were involved in a horrific crash in the eastern Indian state of ...
Three Israeli soldiers were killed in an attack near Egypt’s border after a gunman wearing an Egyptian police uniform opened ...
US president signs legislation lifting the debt ceiling, averting a catastrophic default on the government’s debt.
A recent event marking the Nakba at the US Congress shows Palestinians can no longer be silenced in Washington.
Nearly 290 people have died in the accident involving three trains in the country’s worst rail disaster in 20 years.
For thousands of people in the eastern DRC, displacement in the latest M23 onslaught is another test of survival.
Rescue ships Sea-Eye 4 and Mare*Go have been blocked for 20 days for flaunting Italian legislation they call ‘unjust’.
India’s deadly train crash on Friday was the latest in a string of accidents to involve the country’s railways, which carries ...
UNRWA provides services to nearly six million Palestinian refugees but is on verge of financial collapse, UN chief says.
At least 10 people have been killed in Senegal following an outbreak of violence after sentencing of opposition leader.