The plan for the marriage proposal was perfect, but the execution has left millions of people entertained watching the video.
A North Carolina county lost power in apparent acts of vandalism. The action happened the same night as a controversial drag ...
Broadway actor Quentin Oliver Lee, perhaps best known for his role in "Phantom of the Opera," passed away at age 34.
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The road to the College Football Playoff is paved with savage hits, and this was certainly one of them. But was it a missed call?
A man in Turkey learned a very painful lesson about why it's not a good idea to get up close and personal with a seagull and then provoke it.
A store in Oregon is seizing headlines after becoming the first store to sell psychedelic mushrooms - Except it's not quite legal yet.
When a dog was left alone in a Kilgore,Texas, parking lot, something very unusual happened that led police to investigate.
A high-speed car chase ended with the suspect seemingly attempting to carjack three vehicles before being tackled by police.
Tim Cook unable to answer basic questions as Apple found to have deliberately restricted "AirDrop" capabilities from protester's iPhones.
Parliament in Senegal dissolved into scuffling last week when one lawmaker slapped another, leading to a chair being thrown.
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