Former President Donald Trump and three of his children are accused of exaggerating the value of their real estate.
When people talk about climate change, you often hear hopelessness. But what if we reframe the conversation? Humans are ...
In one form or another, all those questions are back on the table this term — mainly to take a second look at appeals from ...
AFTRA, is hoping to cut as good a deal with the studios as the writers union, WGA, did last week. But the negotiations, starting Monday, could be more complicated.
The election was a test for the small central European country's support for neighboring Ukraine. The win by Robert Fico could strain a fragile unity in the European Union and NATO.
His role in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry of the early 2000s turned Wakefield into a fan favorite whose impact went far beyond his numbers.
The New York Democrat says a mistake occurred as he was rushing to get to a vote, but Republicans have suggested Bowman was trying to delay the proceedings.
Amid those hawking corndogs and cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair, the Army is trying to sell itself. An effort to entice sign ups is happening as the Army struggles to fill its ranks.
Deep in a forest in the Burgundy region, a group of enthusiasts is building a castle the medieval way — no motorized machines included.
All eyes are on Capitol Hill, watching as Congress gets closer and closer to failing to fund the federal government, forcing ...
The House voted 335 to 91 to approve a 45-day spending stop gap, putting pressure on the Senate to act quickly before a midnight deadline to fund the government.
The crash caused a large plume of anhydrous ammonia that caused dangerous air conditions in the northeast area of Teutopolis.