The Supreme Court’s oral arguments Wednesday will focus on a shot of potty humor from a dog toy company, and whether the well ...
Some Democrats and advocacy groups say Big Tech companies are using international trade deals to circumvent data privacy laws.
These are words that I never thought that I would type: I miss Mitch McConnell. After a fall, a concussion and a five-day ...
Rep. Russell Fry of South Carolina says there's an opportunity to work with Democrats on issues like opioid addiction ...
The Justice Department urged the Supreme Court on Monday not to decide a case about North Carolina’s congressional map.
A Republican energy bill in the House would push to expand domestic fossil energy production for a global market the U.S.
DOJ asked the court to overturn a lower court decision that struck down a law that bars gun possession for people under domestic violence restraining orders.
House Republicans are lowering expectations for a balanced budget blueprint this year, but committed to cap next year’s spending.
President Joe Biden and House Democrats launched separate attacks on potential House Republican-proposed spending cuts Monday.
The Supreme Court appeared closely divided Monday over the Navajo Nation’s effort to keep alive a lawsuit over water for a reservation.
President Joe Biden vetoed an attempt to block pension investment managers from weighing environmental and social justice factors.
The size of deposits covered by federal bank rescues has lawmakers talking about the discipline of a cap on deposit insurance.