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    Conscription for periods of around four months continued, the costs of which were weighing down both entities. The restructuring of the three armies into the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina represents part of a wider process of 'thickening' the central state institutions in Bosnia andSee more

    The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbo-Croatian: Oružane snage Bosne i Hercegovine / Оружане снаге Босне и… See more

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    The AFBiH was formed from three armies of the Bosnian War period: the Bosnian (dominantly Bosniak) Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina,… See more

    Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were unified in 2005 and at that time they needed a uniform for the newly… See more

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    In accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Article 5.5a), Bosnian Law of defense and Bosnian Law of service the … See more

    The Bosnia and Herzegovina Defence Law addresses the following areas: the Military of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Government… See more

    The Military units are commanded by the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Joint Staff in Sarajevo. There are two major commands under the Joint Staff: Operational … See more

    • Dorschner, Jim (18 April 2007), "Endgame in Bosnia", Jane's Defence Weekly, pp. 24–29 See more

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    What is a military force in Bosnia & Herzegovina?
    These military forces encompass “…all formations and units, both combat and support, of the land, naval, air and air defence forces organised by state or entity institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.” The Mission of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    How long is conscription in Bosnia & Herzegovina?
    According to the law, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Defence is responsible to develop a common conscription policy. The duration of conscription is regulated by entity law and it is currentlyfour months long.
    Where is conscript training conducted in Bosnia & Herzegovina?
    In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, individual conscript training is conducted in six centres:Capljina, Bugojno, Bihac, Zenica, Gorazde and Tuzla. Through the process of individual training, members of the Armed Forces gain basic military knowledge and skills, which are preconditions for collective training.
    What is the operational chain of command in Bosnia & Herzegovina?
    The Operational Chain of Command “…begins with the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, goes to the Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the Commander of the Operational Command, and then to commanders of operational units.”
  3. WebFeb 20, 2012 · Since then the armed forces have been reduced in size and as in most other countries, conscription has been abolished completely, creating a professional army that totals about 10,000 military personnel, …