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  1. US Secretary of State Blinken Set to Travel to Beijing for Talks in Coming Weeks

    • Visit would come as fresh tensions flare between US, China
    • Exact timing of Blinken’s trip to Beijing remains fluid…
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    Will Blinken visit China?
    Planning efforts are underway for Blinken to visit Beijing, the sources said. His trip to the Chinese capital was originally scheduled for February but was postponed after the transiting of a Chinese spy balloon over the US provoked outrage from the Biden administration.…
    What is a Blinken trip?
    "The trip is the initial stage of an exploratory process to try to determine if there is mutual intent to moderate the relationship," says Ryan Hass, a former official on the National Security Council during the Obama administration and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Blinken's trip builds on previous meetings.
    Will Blinken's visit pave the way for more bilateral meetings?
    American officials are hoping that Blinken's upcoming visit will pave the way for more bilateral meetings and reestablish routine exchanges on diplomatic and trade issues. But experts caution these meetings are just a beginning as the two countries figure out how to compete and coexist with one another.
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  5. Blinken looks to travel to China for talks in coming weeks

    WebJun 7, 2023 · WASHINGTON, June 7 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to China for talks in the coming weeks, an official said on Tuesday, months after Washington's top diplomat...

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