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    Shaw died on 8 January 2005 while attempting to recover the body of Deon Dreyer. Shaw recorded his dive with an underwater camera, which allowed researchers to determine that he suffered from respiratory issues due to the high pressure. Shaw ran into difficulties when the body unexpectedly … See more

    David John Shaw (20 July 1954 – 8 January 2005) was an Australian scuba diver, technical diver, and airline pilot for Cathay Pacific, flying the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, then the 747-400,… See more

    Shaw's first rebreather was an Inspiration closed circuit rebreather, with which he eventually dived to depths beyond its purported … See more

    On 28 October 2004, Shaw descended to a depth of 270m at Bushman's Hole, South Africa, breaking the following records:
    • Depth … See more

    Shaw was a Christian. He and his wife, Ann, lived in Hong Kong, where they were members of a small Christian congregation. They had two children, Steven Shaw and … See more - Shaw's personal webpage, with his final updates regarding preparations for the fatal recovery of Dreyer's body. See more

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    Who was David Shaw?
    Then, ten years later David Shaw arrived at the entrance of the same cave system. “Dave Shaw, who was a 50-year-old extremely audacious cave diver, was passing the 800-ft mark inside of Bushman's Hole,” Mr Ballen explained.…
    How did Mr Shaw find Mr Dreyer's body?
    Mr Shaw had became tangled in the nylon line he had attached to Mr Dreyer's remains. Divers retrieving equipment left behind by Mr Shaw found the bodies 20 metres beneath the surface. When the line attached to Mr Dreyer was pulled, both bodies came up.…
    How long did Dave Shaw take to find Deon Dreyer's skeleton?
    Dave Shaw took only 10 minutes to descend 271 metres to the bottom of the Boesmansgat Cave, half the time planned, to Deon Dreyer's skeleton. Video footage shot by Mr Shaw indicates that about 25 minutes after the world-record diver entered the freshwater cave last Sunday to recover the decade-old remains of Mr Dreyer, 20, Mr Shaw also was dead.…
    What happened to Mr Shaw's technical diving team?
    But on Wednesday afternoon, surviving members of Mr. Shaw's technical diving team (those who are spaced out along a deep-dive route to support the deep diver) went back to the cave for the grim task of retrieving equipment, such as extra diving cylinders, that had been left behind when Saturday's dive went so badly awry. …
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