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  1. Lilly Increases Manufacturing Investment to $9 Billion at Newest ...

  2. Lilly designates additional $5.3B for huge API plant in Indiana

  3. Lilly invests further $5.3 bln in new Indiana site as obesity drug ...

  4. Lilly plans to invest $2.1 billion in new manufacturing sites in Indiana

  5. Lilly to Make Record-Breaking Investment in Indiana

  6. Eli Lilly to invest another $5.3 billion in Indiana plant to expand ...

  7. Lilly Invests $5.3 Billion to Boost Weight-Loss Drug Supply - Bloomberg.com

  8. Eli Lilly chases $100bn weight loss drug market with $5.3bn US investment

  9. Eli Lilly to Invest Another $5.3 Billion in Indiana Manufacturing Site

  10. Lilly invests further $5.3 billion in new Indiana site as obesity

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