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    Gnadenhutten massacre - Wikipedia

    The Gnadenhutten massacre, also known as the Moravian massacre, was the killing of 96 pacifist Moravian Christian Indians (primarily Lenape and Mohican) by U.S. militiamen from Pennsylvania, under the command of David Williamson, on March 8, 1782, at the Moravian missionary village ofSee more

    During the American Revolutionary War, the Lenni Lenape bands (also called Delaware) of the Ohio Country, both Munsee- and UnamiSee more

    In September 1781 British-allied Native Americans, primarily Wyandot and Lenape, forced the Christian Native Americans and… See more

    Dedicated by Gerard F. Heath (a member of the Moravian Christian Delaware tribe and the grandson of the man who erected the monument) in 2019, the… See more

    • Catalano, Joshua (2019). The Settler-Colonial Memory of the Gnadenhutten Massacre and the Burning of William Crawford (PhD). … See more

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    Obadiah Holmes, Jr., a militiaman who had opposed the Gnadenhutten massacre, rescued one of the Lenape children, whom… See more

    • Western writer Zane Grey included a fictional treatment of the Gnadenhutten Massacre in his historical novel The Spirit of the Border (1906).
    • Dancing through Fire (2012) by JoAnn … See more

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    WebNov 25, 2023 · Gnadenhutten Massacre: March 8, 1782. On March 8, 1782, a group of Pennsylvania militiamen slaughtered some 90 unarmed Native Americans at the Moravian mission settlement of Gnadenhutten, …

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    WebGnadenhütten Massacre, (March 8, 1782), murder of 96 Ohio Indians, mostly Delawares, by an American Revolutionary War officer, Captain …

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    WebOn March 7, 1782, the militia entered Gnadenhutten and convinced the villagers to surrender their arms. That night the militia imprisoned the villagers and massacred them the next day. The militia followed the …

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    WebMar 2, 2018 · The Gnadenhutten Massacre. In 1782, a group of militiamen from Pennsylvania killed 96 Christianized Delaware Indians, illustrating the growing contempt for native people.

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