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  1. Gunars Curkurs

    However, on 23rd February 1965 Herberts Cukurs was murdered in Montevideo, Uruguay. This very controversial murder has been widely discussed in the press for many years. PP-DKU Photo: © via Richard Cukurs After the death of Herberts Cukurs, his son Gunars Curkurs continued the Seabee air taxi operations until 1996, when he retired.
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    Who was Herberts Cukurs?
    50 years ago today, on March 7 1965, headlines announced that the body of Herberts Cukurs – the "Butcher of Riga" who was involved in the murder of 30,000 Latvian Jews in the Holocaust and escaped trial by fleeing to Brazil – had been found inside a crate in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.,7340,L-4634365,00.html
    Was Cukurs a hero?
    Cukurs was, as one survivor later wrote, “full of tremendous contradictions.” Known as “the Latvian Lindbergh,” the aviator had become a household name and national hero in the prewar Baltic state, renowned for his dash and daring. “I actually found myself admiring the prewar Cukurs,” admits Talty.…
    What happened to John Cukurs & how did he die?
    Two decades after World War II, Cukurs was identified in Brazil by a Holocaust survivor, who attempted to alert the authorities after seeing Cukurs' face on the cover of a magazine. Following the discovery, Cukurs was investigated and, in 1965, assassinated by Nazi hunters who were working for Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel.
    Who was 'Butcher of Riga' Herbert Cukurs?
    ‘Butcher of Riga’ Herbert Cukurs was a nationally celebrated aviator prior to joining a killing squad during the Holocaust. (YouTube screenshot) All the while, Cukurs continued to prosper and promote himself.…
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    Herberts Albert Cukurs (17 May 1900 – 23 February 1965) was a Latvian aviator and Nazi collaborator. He served as the deputy commander of the Arajs Kommando, a collaborationist unit that carried out the largest mass murders of Latvian Jews during the Holocaust. Although Cukurs never stood trial, the accounts of … See more

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    Aviation career (1930s–1941)
    As a pioneering long-distance pilot, Cukurs won national acclaim for his international solo flights in the 1930s (Latvia-Gambia and Riga-Tokyo). He… See more

    Exoneration by right-wing Latvian nationalists
    The American-born Israeli historian and Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff has pointed out that the fact Cukurs … See more

    On 18 November 1937, Cukurs was awarded the Order of the… See more

    Cukurs had a daughter, Antinea Dolores, in marriage named Antinea Dolores Cukurs Rizzotto. Her granddaughter, Cukurs' great-granddaughter, is Latvian-Brazilian… See more

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    • Eglitis, Daina S; Kelso, Michelle (2019). "Ghost heroes: Forgetting and remembering in national narratives of the past". Acta Sociologica. 62 (3): 270–283. ISSN 0001-6993. See more

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