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    Drug trafficking Kosovo is extremely vulnerable to organised crime and thus to money laundering. In 2000, international agencies estimated that the Kosovo drug mafia was supplying up to 40% of the heroin sold in Europe and North America. Due to the 1997 unrest in Albania and the Kosovo War in 1998–1999 ethnic … See more

    Kosovo within communist Yugoslavia had the lowest rate of crime in the whole country. Following the Kosovo War (1999), the… See more

    The number of reported murders rose 80% from 136 in 2000 to 245 in 2001. The number of reported arsons rose 140% from 218 to 523 over… See more

    Organ theft in Kosovo (sometimes also known as the "yellow house" case) refers to alleged organ harvesting and killing of an indeterminate number of "disappeared" people. Various sources estimate that the number of victims ranges from a "handful", up to 50, and … See more

    The Kosovo Police is the police law enforcement agency of the Republic of Kosovo. The Police Force was initially formed in… See more

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    Even though stabilization started later, in Kosovo, statistics are able to show that violent and organised crime in Kosovo is in a steady decline. … See more

    Kosovo is no longer a transit place or market for illegal weapons smuggling.
    From 1999 until 2005, 15,432 illegal guns have been seized … See more

    According to Amnesty International, the aftermath of the war resulted in an increase in the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation. According to the IOM data, in … See more

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  3. Kosovo's premier claims a Serbian criminal gang with government …

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  5. WebMar 27, 2011 · Kosovo's Mafia: How the US and allies ignore allegations of organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy. In 1999, the United States and NATO fought a war against “ethnic cleansing” in …

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    WebOct 2, 2023 · The US says Serbia has sent a "large military deployment" of tanks and artillery to its border with Kosovo, and is urging its government to withdraw them. This follows a clash last week between ...


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  7. WebDec 16, 2010 · A Council of Europe draft report alleging that Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi is a Mafia-style boss spells out a truth that diplomats privately acknowledge: the West in Kosovo has favoured ...

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