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  1. Nestlé is releasing a lineup of frozen food for people on Ozempic

  2. Nestlé to launch food line for Ozempic and Wegovy medication users

  3. Nestlé is rolling out a new food brand just for Ozempic and Wegovy users

  4. Nestle to launch food products that cater to Wegovy and Ozempic users

  5. Nestle set to sell $5 pizza, sandwiches for Wegovy, Ozempic users

  6. Nestle is launching a food brand designed for Ozempic and Wegovy users

  7. Nestlé Launching Frozen Food Brand For Ozempic Users - MSN

  8. Nestlé launches frozen food brand aimed at weight-loss drug users

  9. Nestlé announces plans to launch frozen foods targeting Ozempic

  10. Ozempic users will soon get their own heat-and-eat meals