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  1. Pablo Escobar - Wikipedia

    WebPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (/ ˈ ɛ s k ə b ɑːr /; Spanish: [ˈpaβlo eskoˈβaɾ]; 1 December 1949 – 2 December 1993) was a Colombian drug lord, narcoterrorist, and a politician, who was the founder and sole leader of the Medellín Cartel.

  2. Pablo Escobar: Biography, Drug Lord, Medellín Cartel Leader

    WebApr 17, 2023 · 1949-1993 Who Was Pablo Escobar? Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug trafficker who collaborated with other criminals to form the Medellín cartel in the early 1970s. Eventually, he controlled...

  3. Pablo Escobar: 8 Interesting Facts About the King of Cocaine

    WebMore than two decades after his death, Pablo Escobar remains as well known as he was during his heyday as the head of the Medellín drug cartel. His fixture in popular culture is largely thanks to countless books, movies, and songs. We’ve decided to make our contribution with a list of facts about the life of the larger-than-life Escobar.

  4. 25 Years After Escobar’s Death, Medellín Struggles to Demolish …

    WebSep 22, 2018 · Sept. 22, 2018 Leer en español MEDELLÍN, Colombia — When the mayor of Medellín showed up, he was bearing a sledgehammer. He stood with it in front of the former home of Pablo Escobar, the...

  5. Pablo Escobar: 29 Unbelievable Facts About The Infamous El Patrón

    WebAug 13, 2022 · Narcos stars Wagner Moura, Maurice Compote, and Boyd Holbrook, and details the rise of Pablo Escobar, the devastating Colombian kingpin who ruled the world’s most complex and far-reaching drug trade — and killed thousands in the process.

  6. Pablo Escobar - Crime Museum

    WebOn December 2, 1993, police forces found Escobar hiding in a middle-class house in Medellín and shot and killed him on the roof. Escobar was destined to die no matter which group found him first. In August 2015, Netflix released …

  7. Biography of Pablo Escobar, Colombian Drug Kingpin - ThoughtCo

    WebMay 13, 2019 · Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (December 1, 1949–December 2, 1993) was a Colombian drug lord and the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations ever assembled. He was also known as "The King of Cocaine."

  8. Who was Pablo Escobar and how did he die? - The US Sun

    WebJul 19, 2021 · How did Pablo Escobar die? Pablo was killed on a roof-top during a shoot-out as he was trying to flee from the police on December 2, 1993. But his son Sebastian Marroquin has said he is “absolutely certain” the infamous drug kingpin took his own life to save his family from being taken hostage.

  9. Pablo Escobar's hippos headed to El Chapo's Mexican homeland

    WebMay 30, 2023 · Pablo Escobar’s hippos are on their way to “El Chapo’s” homeland in a mission more daring than either man’s drug smuggling. Ten of the animals are to be flown from Antioquia, Colombia ...

  10. Narcos - Wikipedia

    WebNarcos is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Set and filmed in Colombia, seasons 1 and 2 are based on the story of Colombian narcoterrorist and drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who is the leader of the Medellin Cartel and became a billionaire through the production and ...