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    Where is Bosnia & Herzegovina located?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina [a] ( Serbo-Croatian: Bosna i Hercegovina, Босна и Херцеговина; [b] [c] sometimes known as Bosnia-Herzegovina and informally as Bosnia) is a country in Southeast Europe, situated on the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Serbia to the east, Montenegro to the southeast, and Croatia to the north and southwest.
    When did Bosnia become a country?
    On initial proclamation of independence in 1992, the country's official name was the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but following the 1995 Dayton Agreement and the new constitution that accompanied it, the official name was changed to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    When did Sarajevo become the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina?
    Sarajevo served as the capital city throughout its existence and remained the capital following independence. The Socialist Republic was dissolved in 1990 when it abandoned its socialist institutions and adopted liberal ones, as the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina which declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1992.…
    Who is the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina was, up to 20 December 1990, in sole control of the League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian branch of League of Communists of Yugoslavia .…