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  1. Soviet war crimes - Wikipedia

    WebWar crimes by Soviet armed forces against civilians and prisoners of war in the territories occupied by the USSR between 1939 and 1941 in regions including Western Ukraine, the Baltic states and Bessarabia in Romania, along with war crimes in 1944–1945, have been ongoing issues within these countries.

  2. Russian war crimes - Wikipedia

    WebThese war crimes have included murder, torture, terrorism, deportation or forced transfer, abduction, rape, looting, unlawful confinement, unlawful airstrikes or attacks against civilian objects, and wanton destruction.

  3. The 1941 NKVD Prison Massacres in Western Ukraine

    WebDuring the German invasion of the USSR, the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) brutally murdered between 10,000 and 40,000 political prisoners in Western Ukraine over the course of eight days, which sparked waves of ethnic violence following the German occupation of the region. June 7, 2021

  4. How the Soviet Union Helped Establish the Crime of Aggressive War

    WebMar 9, 2022 · Instead, the Soviets created their own war crimes commission, the Extraordinary State Commission. They gathered evidence of Nazi atrocities throughout the Soviet Union and began to stage their own war crimes trials, like the Krasnodar Trial of July 1943 and the Kharkov Trial of December 1944. Soviet jurists. But …

  5. Kharkov Trial - Wikipedia

    WebFifteen thousand Jews were murdered on 15 December 1941 in a mass shooting in Drobytsky Yar. The Gestapo also shot 435 patients, many of whom were elderly people and children, who were being treated at the local hospital. In March 1943, 800 wounded Red Army soldiers were shot and burned alive.

  6. Soviet Union in World War II - Wikipedia

    WebSoviet war crimes. Victims of NKVD prisoner massacres in June 1941. Soviet troops reportedly raped German women and girls, with total victim estimates ranging from tens of thousands to two million. During and after the occupation of …

  7. These are some of the worst war crimes committed by the Soviet

    WebApr 12, 2022 · Many reports of war crimes conducted by Soviet Union armed forces signified how they were committed against Luftwaffe and German Wehrmacht soldiers captured from the war. Rape There were several cases concerning mass rapes in many Polish cities captured by the Red Army.

  8. Soviet war crimes | Military Wiki | Fandom

    WebWith 270,000 dying as the result of Soviet war crimes, 160,000 deaths occurring at the hands of various nationalities during the expulsion of Germans after World War II and 205,000 deaths in the forced labor of Germans in the Soviet Union. These figures do not include at least 125,000 civilian deaths in the Battle of Berlin.

  9. Soviet invasion of Manchuria - Wikipedia

    WebThe Soviet entry into the war and the defeat of the Kwantung Army was a significant factor in the Japanese government's decision to surrender unconditionally, ... War crimes. During the invasion of Manchuria, Soviet soldiers killed and raped Japanese civilians. The most ...

  10. War crimes trials in Soviet Estonia - Wikipedia

    WebA number of war crimes trials were held during the Soviet occupation of Estonia (1944–1991). The best-known trial was brought in 1961, by the Soviet authorities against local collaborators who had participated in the Holocaust during the …