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  1. U.S. military flight with critical aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt

  2. First U.S. humanitarian aid flight for Gaza lands in Egypt - NBC News

  3. US military to fly critical humanitarian aid to Egypt to be ... - CNN

  4. US to send relief flights to Egypt with aid for Gaza

  5. US Sends First of Three Military Planes With Gaza Aid

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    The plane’s cargo is set to be transferred to the United Nations, which will deliver the materials to Gaza. Administration officials said it’s the first of three planned U.S. flights. U.S. personnel offload humanitarian aid destined for Gaza from a C-17 Globemaster III at an undisclosed airfield in the Middle East on Tuesday.…
    The first of the three flights is set to arrive Tuesday. That flight delivered more than 54,000 pounds of medical items and food aid to a logistics hub in Egypt to then be delivered to Gaza as part of efforts to provide humanitarian aid to civilians in the enclave, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan.…
    The planes on Tuesday will be carrying medical aid urgently needed in Gaza as well as food, particularly for children, and winter clothing as the rainy season begins, according to officials. The aid will be delivered by the United Nations to civilians. Two more planeloads are expected to follow in the coming days, officials said.…
    Jasmonet Holmes / U.S. Air Forces Central The first U.S. government flight with humanitarian aid for Gaza landed in Egypt's northern Sinai on Tuesday, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Agency for International Development.…
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  8. First of three US planes carrying aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt

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  10. US Sends First Of Three Military Planes With Gaza Aid

  11. US sends first of three military planes with Gaza aid