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    WebDec 8, 2021 · CNN —. The entire world remains unprepared for the next pandemic and most countries are underprepared even for small outbreaks of disease, researchers reported Wednesday.


    WebDec 8, 2021 · Nearly two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, the world remains “dangerously unprepared” for the next major outbreak, according to a new report. The 2021 Global Health Security Index, released...


    WebNov 17, 2022 · As SARS-CoV-2 seems to settle into the background of our lives, transitioning from an unprecedented crisis to a routine threat alongside influenza and other, more familiar viruses, scientists have begun to turn their attention to the future of the COVID-19 pandemic as the virus continues to change and, just as important, the future …


    WebThe United States and the world were caught unprepared by the COVID-19 pandemic despite decades of warnings of the threat of global pandemics and years of international planning. The failure...


    WebMay 23, 2023 · The new treaty is a global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response to protect nations and communities from future pandemic emergencies. Negotiations on the draft will continue over the next year according to a timetable laid out by the World Health Assembly.


    WebSep 29, 2021 · It might seem ridiculous to think about future pandemics now, as the U.S. is consumed by debates over booster shots, reopened schools, and vaccine mandates. Prepare for the next one?


    WebJan 30, 2023 · The world is "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics, the Red Cross warned in a report. "Our world is becoming increasingly hazardous," the report said. The Red Cross' secretary general said the COVID-19 pandemic "should be a wake-up call."


    WebSep 4, 2022 · The World Health Organization's 1st foresight report, “Imagining the Future of Pandemics and Epidemics”, attempts to explore what the future of infectious threats might look like, using a short time horizon (3-5 years) to encourage immediate action. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, the report sets out possible scenarios which are …


    WebJan 30, 2023 · The world is "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) say in a report published on Monday, calling on ...


    WebJun 25, 2021 · We’re Not Ready for Another Pandemic. The next big plague is coming, and despite making progress on pandemic preparedness, the U.S. might still suffer mass casualties. Here’s why. O minous ...