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  1. The Venezuelan refugee crisis, the largest recorded refugee crisis in the Americas, refers to the emigration of millions of Venezuelans from their native country during the presidencies of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro because of the Bolivarian Revolution.
    Approximately eight out of every ten Venezuelan migrants stay in Latin America and the Caribbean, while most of the remainder settle in North America and Southern Europe. Neighboring Colombia and Peru are the largest recipients of Venezuelans, followed by the United States, Chile, Ecuador, and Spain.
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    The Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis is probably the most underfunded displacement crisis in the world, even beyond the Rohingya or the South Sudanese. The repercussions of this migration crisis are also being felt in cities across the United States.
    United Nations – In March 2018, the United Nations Refugee Agency urged regional countries to treat Venezuelan migrants as refugees under the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, and urged countries to accept Venezuelan nationals, grant them access to basic human rights, and not deport Venezuelans who enter their territories.
    Colombia, a country that borders Venezuela and has a long history with the country, has received the largest number of Venezuelan migrants. Following the reopening of the Colombian border after the Venezuela–Colombia migrant crisis, many Venezuelans began to emigrate into the country.
    This decision aimed to provide humanitarian assistance and enable more Venezuelans to access work permits. The announcement came in the context of increased Venezuelan migration to major cities, notably contributing to the New York City migrant housing crisis.
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