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  1. Is yogurt good for diabetes or not?

    Answered by verified global health professionals

    Michael Colangelo

    Michael Colangelo community page Master of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition · 15 years of exp

    Based on animal and human research, yogurt is suggested as part of healthy nutritional approach for manag...Read more

    Neha Kothari

    Neha Kothari community page Nutritionist, Food Scientist · 11 years of exp

    Yogurt is one of the best form probiotics. It is rich in lactobacillus bacteria. These help in enhanced d...Read more

    Jennifer Katz

    Jennifer Katz community page Bachelor’s Degree - Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services · 31 years of exp

    Yogurt can be a healthy choice for those with diabetes. It is a good source of protein which is important...Read more

    Carl Bender

    Carl Bender community page Master of Science: Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition · 6 years of exp

    Yogurt can be beneficial to eat if you are diabetic, but you have to be careful about which one you choos...Read more

    Toni Tran

    Toni Tran community page Bachelor of Science - BS - Dietetics/Dietitian · 1 years of exp

    Fermented foods, such as yogurts, contain probiotics which have been shown to improve gut health. Recent...Read more

    Melinda De Ridder

    Melinda De Ridder community page Registered Dietitian · 4 years of exp

    Dairy products contain a great amount of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium, and have been associated with lower risks of type...Read more

    Hannah Purtle

    Hannah Purtle community page Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics · 1 years of exp

    Yogurt is low glycemic index (GI) and a great source of protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc. Low GI me...Read more

    Mariana Brkic

    Mariana Brkic community page Bachelor in Nutrition · 10 years of exp

    Yogurt is a nutritious food to include in a diabetes meal planning. It contains proteins and a rich amount of calcium and vit...Read more
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  2. Key Takeaways

    • The FDA says all yogurt can now claim to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes — even those loaded with added sugars.
    • But the FDA-approved language is a “qualified claim,” meaning the scientific evidence for this potential benefit is limited.
    • Experts still recommend steering clear of yogurt with lots of added sugar. …
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    There is limited evidence to suggest that eating yogurt regularly, at least two cups per week, may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Kara Haupt / NBC News Food makers can advertise that regularly eating yogurt may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes without objection from the Food and Drug Administration, the agency announced on Friday.

    Livia Dickson Chen

    PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of exp

    If this yogurt does not have added sugars it is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients that are important for diabetics such as vitamin B12 and probiotics. This helps with glycemic control and nutritional support.
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    However, they have not been structured in a way that allows for yogurt to be compared to a suitable control. Catherine Rall, Registered Dietitian at Happy V, said it really comes down to the fact that, while there is a correlation between yogurt consumption and not developing type 2 diabetes, that’s not the same as causation.
    No single food can reduce the risk of a disease tied to overall diet, the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest said. In fact, the label change might raise the risk of diabetes by encouraging consumption of yogurt types that include added sugars and mix-ins such as cookies and pretzels.
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