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  1. How to Install a Basement Toilet: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    WebOct 22, 2021 · Steps 1. Place the macerator unit so it will be behind the toilet's location. ... 2. Connect a discharge pipe to the macerator's drainpipe. The discharge pipe can feed into a piping system and connect... 3. Connect the macerator unit to an existing vent stack inside the house with PVC vent piping. ...

  2. How to Install a Toilet Below Grade | This Old House - YouTube

    Web780K views 8 years ago Toilet Upgrades and Repairs. This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to outfit a bathroom that's at basement level. (See below for a shopping...

  3. Adding a Basement Toilet | HGTV

    WebJun 2, 2023 · Interior Remodel Adding a Basement Toilet A basement toilet is a necessary addition to any bathroom, but the plumbing can be a bit difficult. Check out these solutions for installing a bathroom toilet in your basement bathroom. unknown By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik Related To: Basements Gray Bathrooms

  4. How to Add a Bathroom to a Basement the Easy Way - The Family Handyman

    WebNov 9, 2021 · Project step-by-step (10) Place the Macerator/Pump. Set the macerator/pump in place behind the wall framing. The unit needs to be on the same level as the toilet. Install the ... Install a GFCI Outlet. Build the Shower Pan Step-Up. Connect the Shower and Sink Drains. Install the Vents.

  5. Toilet Install in basement - DIY - YouTube

    WebHow to install a toilet in a basement. Key moments. View all. clean the inside of the pipe. clean the inside of the pipe. 1:37. clean the inside of the pipe. 1:37. rotate the flange.

  6. How to Plumb a Basement Bathroom (DIY) | Family Handyman

    WebOct 7, 2020 · Tie Into the Drain Slip rubber couplers onto the main line. Insert the Y-fitting. Slide the couplers over the joints and tighten the bands. Plug the inlet and tell your family it’s safe to flush the toilet again.

  7. How to Install an Upflush Toilet in Your Basement - Better Homes & Gardens

    WebMay 30, 2018 · Plumbing Installations & Repairs How to Install an Upflush Toilet in Your Basement If you're remodeling to add a bathroom to your basement, consider an upflush toilet, which uses an electric pump to get rid of waste. By Caitlin Sole Published on May 30, 2018 Project Overview Working Time: 10 hours Total Time: 1 week Skill Level: Intermediate

  8. How to Install Toilets on Basement Floors : Toilet Repairs

    Web0:00 / 2:43 Intro Toilet Repairs How to Install Toilets on Basement Floors : Toilet Repairs ehowathomechannel 210K subscribers Subscribe 208K views 9 years ago Subscribe Now:...

  9. Basement Bathroom Plumbing: Planning for a Below-Grade Lavatory - Bob Vila

    WebMar 8, 2022 · Thinking About Installing a Basement Bathroom? Here’s What You Need to Know Building a new bathroom below grade presents all kinds of challenges, from low ceilings to a lack of natural light.

  10. How to Install a Toilet in the Basement without Breaking Concrete

    WebMay 11, 2022 · 3 Requisite Tools and Materials 4 How to Install Your Commode in the Basement without Damaging Concrete 5 Factors to Consider When Installing Your Toilet in the Basement 6 Bottom Line Why An Upflush Toilet is Ideal for Your Basement An upflush system is the best toilet for installing in your basement without breaking concrete.