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    The symbols of the Need for Speed logo fly forward, overtaking each other. They cut through the air, personifying cars that, overcoming obstacles, strive to the finish line. Need for Speed games has been released since 1994. This is a car racing series developed by Ghost Games, Criterion Games, and EA Black Box.
    “Need for Speed” (NFS), a gem in the racing video game genre, is celebrated for its thrilling races, depth of customization, and captivating environments. Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), it has been a fan favorite for decades.
    All of these changes bring Need For Speed: Most Wanted into the modern era of gaming and as a result, the graphics have drastically improved from its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts. So much so that the 15-minute trailer already has over 43 thousand views and a legion of happy fans.
    Need for Speed is one of the most popular gaming media franchises. It is based on a series of arcade racing games, the first of which was released in 1994. Since November 2013, it has been fully controlled by EA Sports. NFS fans enter the competition by choosing cars and tracks.
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