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  1. Spanish language - Wikipedia

    WebSpanish is the official, or national language in 18 countries and one territory in the Americas, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea. With a population of over 410 million, Hispanophone Americaaccounts for the vast majority of Spanish speakers, of which Mexicois the most populous Spanish-speaking country.

  2. Spanish language | History, Speakers, & Dialects | Britannica

    WebSpanish language Distribution. Spanish is the (or an) official language of 18 American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia,... History. Spanish is also known (particularly in Latin America, but increasingly in Spain itself) as Castilian, after the... Spanish dialects. Outside the Iberian ...

  3. Google Translate

    WebGoogle's service, offered free of charge, instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

  4. Learn Spanish | SpanishDict

    WebLearn Spanish for free online with SpanishDict. Master conversational Spanish with our interactive animated and video lessons. Start as a beginner, or try intermediate and advanced topics. Learning Spanish vocabulary and grammar has never been this fun.

  5. Spanish language, alphabet and pronunciation - Omniglot

    WebSep 26, 2021 · Spanish at a glance. Native names: español, castellano. Language family: Indo-Europea, Italic, Romance, Western Romance, Ibero-Romance, West-Iberian, Castilian. Number of speakers: c. 470 million. Spoken in: Spain, Latin America, USA, Equatorial Guinea. First written: 11th century.

  6. 10 Facts About the Spanish Language - ThoughtCo

    WebJan 2, 2019 · 10 Facts About the Spanish Language 01. With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it... 02. Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers in each of 44 countries, making it the fourth-most widely spoken... 03. Spanish is part of ...

  7. Learn Spanish — The Fast, Easy & Fun Way | Babbel

    WebSpanish Language Courses, Apps And Online Software. There are many top-notch, expert-designed online Spanish courses and programs that run from reasonably priced to very expensive. These Spanish courses allow you to learn on your own time and are often more interactive and engaging than many free Spanish courses and resources.

  8. Learn a language for free - Duolingo

    WebThe world's most popular way to learn Spanish online. Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work. Bite-sized Spanish lessons. Fun, effective, and 100% free.

  9. SpanishDict | English to Spanish Translation, Dictionary, Translator

    Webthe best spanish-english translator and dictionary Everything You Need in One Place Our Spanish-English translator and dictionary provide not only translations but also conjugations, pronunciations, and examples.

  10. 50 Basic Spanish Words and Phrases to Learn for Beginners

    WebFeb 5, 2021 · Here are more simple Spanish phrases to use when you need to talk about yourself: (Yo) tengo … años — I am … years old. (Yo) soy de — I come from